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Eli and Joe encounter bullying and racism during a football game in the park. After initially persuading Aamira's brother Salim and friend Amar to play football in the park, things soon get ugly. Aamira arrives and is drawn into the conflict. As well as bullying Eli, Salim also makes provocative comments about Joe being a 'drug-dealing white boy'.

Extract from drama 'L8R Youngers', exploring the issues faced by a group of young friends.
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First broadcast:
22 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

Having watched this clip, the children could begin to explore the issues of racism and relationships between people from different cultural backgrounds. It provides an opportunity for the children to consider how racial stereotypes and an ignorance of other cultures may cause people to judge each other without really knowing them. The group could also begin to explore the reasons behind Salim's words and actions. The children could then move on to look at the role Aamira played in the situation and discuss ways in which the conflict could have been resolved more effectively. Children may also be able to develop a sense of empathy with the characters by looking at Joe's reaction to being subjected to racially motivated abuse.