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This clip offers an introduction to harbours and estuaries. A harbour is big enough to house small boats but for larger boats such as oil tankers an estuary is needed. Industries and factories such as oil refineries are often found around estuaries. In 1996 there was a huge oil spill in the estuary of Milford Haven. Many coastal features were changed due to this oil spill and a lot of animals and sea birds were harmed.
Primary Geography
This clip is from:
Primary Geography, Mountains and Coasts: Coastal Landscapes
First broadcast:
22 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

After watching this clip, pupils may be inspired to write and present spoof news reports on the Milford Haven oil spillage. The clip may lead into a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of developing industries and factories on estuaries. Using a table, pupils may record the benefits and consequences of industries and factories along estuaries. This clip could be used to open small research projects on other harbours and estuaries whereby pupils could be asked to find out how they have developed, how the environment has been affected and how any negative effects caused by humans could be reduced. A further activity could be to conduct a role-play activity, during which the development of a harbour or estuary could be debated from the viewpoints of factory owners, conservationists, boat owners, local people, naturists and other members of the public.