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Stefan Gates visits an organic farm in Devon and follows the journey food takes from the field to our plates. Stefan helps pick spring greens in the field and tastes different salad vegetables. At the farm we see how the salad leaves are mixed together in the correct proportions to get a balance of tastes. We see the mixed salad being weighed and packed into bags using a machine. Stefan helps pack all the different vegetables into boxes before they are delivered locally. Stefan then visits Ashley Primary, an Ecoschool in Surrey, where children grow their own vegetables for the school canteen. We see the short journey the food makes from garden to kitchen. Stefan helps the children plant onions 20 cm apart. Then the children show Stefan the orchard they have planted which, seen from above, looks like a big rectangle of 6 rows of 4 trees. They count the trees in 4s to make 24 altogether.
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27 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to create maths journeys. Ask questions like - "How far is it from this point to this point in your journey? Which direction do you take? How long would it take to get from here to here?" Ask why more or less energy might be used for different journeys. Children could then be asked to spot all the examples of number and measurement they can see along the food journey and say what is being measured and why. Then make your own 'maths walk' around the school or local area.