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A documentary that follows Matt Lucas as he prepares to perform as Thénardier in the popular musical 'Les Misérables' at the O2. We see Matt rehearsing, sorting out his costume and talking to Cameron Mackintosh about finances for the show followed by extracts from the show itself.
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29 December 2010

Classroom Ideas

Before watching this clip, watch a 5 minute clip of the stage version of 'Les Misérables' and ask students to simply write down what they notice about the staging of the show. Watch the Matt Lucas clip and note down all the different aspects they missed such set builders and ticket sales. Student should also add anyone else they can think of that would be a part of a show like this, for example advertising, technicians, designers and so on. Ask students to choose one role from a theatre team (but not an actor) and list all the decisions they would have to take and all the jobs they would have to do. Students should research the role that they have chosen and find an interesting way to present their ideas to the class. Discuss what they have learnt about staging theatre productions and about the role of the actor in the team.

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