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Animation about a band called the Alleyk@tz. The band is famous but they have no money, and even though they are really popular, sales of their music are plummeting. They find out a fan is running an unofficial website offering free downloads of their music. The Alleyk@tz have to persuade their fans to pay for the music they make.
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9 February 2010

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, discussions could take place about the music children listen to and where they get it from. They could also begin to consider the cost of CDs or music downloads and discuss where the money that is paid goes. When they have watched the clip they could then go on to discuss the two different viewpoints highlighted by looking at the issue of sharing music files. E-safety issues could also be raised by considering that downloading shared files is illegal and that anyone downloading music has a responsibility to ensure that they are doing so legally. The implications of illegal downloads, such as those highlighted within the clip, could also be discussed.

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