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Around 30 million people die of hunger each year - should this make us angry? What should Christians do with their money? Should they be poor like Jesus or take wealth as a gift from God? Guru Nanak was always a generous person, so should Sikhs in today's world follow his example? Should everyone aim to do something to make the world a more equal place? Will there ever be an end to poverty? A mini-documentary series outlining Christian and Sikh views on money and wealth.
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19 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Both faiths featured say that love of wealth and selfishness is the problem with money. Bearing this in mind, students could first note how Christians or Sikhs think you should use your wealth. In small groups decide on other ways to help those in need. The whole group could ask the question whether it would help the world if we all gave away all our wealth like monks.

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