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Shopping does not have to be a chore, as this demonstration by the internationally renowned architect David Adjaye reveals. Selfridges and Harvey Nichols have improved business by making shopping a fun adventure. At the heart of this concept is an insistence on architectural excellence. We see how each floor of the Selfridges store in Manchester's Exchange Square has been designed by a different architect, giving each floor its own unique look and feel. We also hear how top store Harvey Nichols has created a top class restaurant at the top of its London store to help attract people into the store.
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11 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

This provides an illustration of how creativity and design is an essential factor in ensuring a modern day shopping experience. Following the clip, students could be asked to consider how the broad human and physical factors are taken into consideration in the design process. This might be achieved through getting them to become involved in the creation of a realistic design for a small shop. Consider the processes involved in using different materials and how they influence the design process. Research the impact of a wide range of factors that influence the development and design of the built environment in the context of retailing.