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Simon Armitage explores and explains the themes, ideas, feelings and attitudes behind 'Harmonium' and considers the language, structure and form of the poem linked to its central ideas. His reading of the poem is combined with shots and views of Marsden, Armitage’s home town and the ‘location’ for Harmonium, alongside an explanation and analysis of some key words and phrases. These are illustrated with a series of visual images designed to aid a deeper appreciation of the symbolism inherent in the poem.
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9 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to explore the relationship between father and son in the poem. Students can annotate the poem in relation to this theme. They could then choose three main images and three main techniques that have been used by Armitage to write about in more detail. These ideas are presented by students in pairs as, 'our top three most effective ways in which Armitage presents the relationship between father and son'.

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