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A group of young musicians listen to Lesley Garrett sing. For some members of the group it is the first time they have ever heard an opera performance and they are really shocked by how loud the performance is. They are also impressed by the quality of the performance with just a piano for accompaniment.

In the workshop, Lesley explains why breathing is the most important thing when singing. The students learn how to control their breathing. Before singing they learn how to do lots of stretching and find out about some tricks of the trade to warm up their voices.
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Primary Class Clips, Music
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5 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

The class could discuss the possible sounds made by a human voice and demonstrate them. We all speak in a different way with a voice unique to each individual. Similarly the singing voice is special too and it should be explained that famous singers have a particular timbre to their voice which makes it easy to identify and recognise. Discuss what makes an opera singer different from people they hear in the charts. Try some of the vocal warm ups and allow the children to make up their own wacky ones and use them next time they have a choir sing together.

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