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A look at how different animals move - birds, mammals and insects. Some birds fly whereas others do not, so how do we know when a bird is a bird? We meet a lady who works at an ostrich farm. She shows us the features of the ostrich, explaining why it looks the way it does, and the purpose of each feature (eyes on the side of its head, large feathers, and bare patches of skin). It is explained why the ostrich is definitely a bird, despite the fact it cannot fly.
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24 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Play the clip on mute first, pausing at intervals. Ask the class to describe what they have seen. What animals can they see? How do they move? Encourage the children to be as descriptive with their use of words as they can. Write their observations on the board. Continue to do this until the end of the clip before playing it again, this time with the sound switched on. Does the narrator repeat any of the words or descriptions the children have already called out? Play a game of ‘word bingo’ by crossing out the words that have already been called out by the children.

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