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Testimonies from three immigrants whose lives had changed after they emigrated to New York. Herman Kirschbaum is a Russian Jew who ran away from home and went to America where he was able to learn a trade. Tony from Greece was able to run his own restaurant and never looked back. Miguel Santos from Cuba describes the bewilderment that he felt upon arrival in New York City. America, still a new nation and just over a century old, was modern, confident and prosperous, inviting new immigrants to share in its prosperity, to take up a job and make their way in the world.
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28 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

Divide the class into groups, each of which should investigate a particular country and the reasons why people left it for the USA. Research evidence that reflects whether the reality of arrival in the United States fulfilled expectations and investigate how people from each chosen group integrated into society. Which locations did they settle in and what industries did they become involved in? Students may wish to consider the relationships between immigrants, existing work forces and employers and assess how this new group of workers, bringing different attitudes from Europe, changed industrial relations.

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