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Six volunteers learn the skills needed to work as a team on a search and rescue challenge. The children discover that frustrations can build and create problems within the team. One of the problems the children identify is that everyone has their own ideas, and they all want their ideas to succeed, which causes arguments. Cooperation, communication, being inclusive and being calm are seen to be the key to successful team work.
KS1 Science Clips
This clip is from:
KS1 Science Clips, Pushes and Pulls
First broadcast:
1 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful to illustrate what 'working together' means and to help children develop both team and leadership skills. Pupils could discuss why it is sometimes difficult to work as a team. In the clip, some children experience frustration. How could this be improved? What skills could they bring into a group? What kind of leader would they be?

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