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How far are people willing to go in their worship of God? Do they trust enough to put their lives in God's hands? Some Christians in the southern USA show just how far they are willing to go when presenter Reverend Peter Owen-Jones visits the pastor of a church in Tennessee. He takes the instructions in Mark 16:17-18 literally and demonstrates this faith by handling snakes in worship services. The presenter takes part in a charismatic worship service and comments on the cultural difference between his own church experience and this willingness to trust God in such an extreme ways. He handles a snake and reflects on the value of letting go of human power and trusting in God.
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16 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Students could use this clip to examine the features of charismatic worship, along with clips from Pentecostal Christianity in Seoul, the revival in Florida and the Baptist preacher boy. Older students might explore ways in which Christians interpret the Bible, from literal to metaphorical. They could consider that even if some people think that a literal interpretation is flawed, it seems to inspire and motivate these worshippers, and students could reflect on why this is the case.

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