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A report about the many different types of animal homes found around the world. The report contains footage of polar bears, badgers, gibbons, ospreys, rabbits, hermit crabs and beavers. We see a beaver gnaw through a tree and repair a dam underwater.
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20 April 2006

Classroom Ideas

Ask pupils to look out for ways in which the animals' bodies help them to live in the different places shown in the clip. Pause the clip from time to time, to collect the children's observations. After watching the clip, the children could make a matching game, drawing an animal on one card and its home on another. Help pupils to label the cards appropriately, for example 'beaver' and 'lodge' or 'badger' and 'sett'. The children could make cards for all the animals they spotted in the clip and others that they know about or can find out about too. To play, children shuffle the cards and deal them into two piles, just like the game of snap. When two matching cards appear, the first child to claim them wins a point.