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We see the filming of the closet scene, including Hamlet's confrontation with his mother Gertrude, his killing of Polonius and his interaction with the ghost of his father. The significance of this scene as a turning point in the play is discussed, as well as the nature of the relationship between Hamlet and his mother. This clip features extracts from the televised version of the 2008 RSC production of 'Hamlet'.
This clip is from:
The Play's the Thing
First broadcast:
20 December 2009

Classroom Ideas

Students studying 'Hamlet' or another Shakespearian tragedy will find this clip of interest, especially the notion of significant turning points in drama. Students might consider how far the role of the ghost here echoes the role of Banquo's ghost in the banquet scene of 'Macbeth'. The modern interpretation (Polonius being shot rather than stabbed) can also be a focus for discussion, especially if there are other versions of the play to be compared.