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The link between the fictional David Copperfield and the early life of its author, Charles Dickens, is explored. The author's early life as a boy from a wealthy family gave him certain expectations. The Dickens family changed in fortunes and Charles spent his time working in a boot blacking factory.
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9 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

This could be used to explore Charles Dickens' young life and how his childhood inspired his work. After watching the clip the class could discuss what life was like for the young Charles Dickens and how this compares to their life. This could lead to a piece of writing where the children imagine they have gone back in time to visit the young Charles Dickens, using conversational dialogue to discuss what their lives were like. This could also include bringing Dickens forward in time to experience modern day life. This clip could also be used as a starter to discussing other authors and where their inspirations for stories come from. The children could then think about what inspirations they would draw from their life if they were to write a story.