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A group of children work with musical group ‘Trash’ to compose a piece of music using only rubbish and recycled objects. Firstly, they visit a recycling centre where they identify what is safe to use, as well as what might make an interesting instrument.

They then experiment with a variety of different objects out and discover what interesting sounds can be produced. Finally, they return to their classroom to begin developing the sounds, playing together and coming up with simple melodies and rhythms.
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6 September 2012

Classroom Ideas

Like the group in the clip, children can identify what kinds of ‘rubbish’ might generate pleasing sounds. It’s important to discuss what is safe to use as well as what might be useful to use.
When considering making instruments, it would be a good idea to think about different ways of making sounds (striking, scraping, twanging), different sounds made by different materials (wood, metal, plastic), different ways of combining these materials with how they are played (hitting metal with metal, hitting metal with wood, scraping metal with plastic).
The group could assemble a range of instruments that makes lots of different sounds. Notice how some things make longer-lasting sounds and others make shorter sounds. Things that are hollow often make good sounds. The children can experiment with different combinations of the instruments that they make and decide what sounds best.

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