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Iraqi children in Syria as refugees explain how they feel about their education, and how the trauma of life in Iraq has affected their ability to concentrate at school and look to the future. The wait for a school place, and early childhood trauma can cause problems. The headteacher discusses the problems of a rising school population and the impact on overcrowding. We also see how religious and cultural differences can cause problems for pupils.
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10 February 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to illustrate immigration from Iraq to Syrian BEFORE the Syrian conflict. Students could be asked to compare this to current migration trends. Syria took more than 1 million refugees from Iraq while that country was embroiled in conflict - now the tide of refugees has reversed, with many Syrians fleeing conflict and thousands of Iraqis going back to Iraq. This could form background to a wider study on the Syrian conflict and the related refugee crisis.
More generally, the clip could be used to start discussion on the impacts of migration due to conflict. This could be considered from the point of view of an individual refugee. With this individual as the centre, a spider diagram could be created which notes the physical, psychological and social problems they face. From each of these, students should list ways in which these issues could be addressed or made worse by circumstances and official responses.
The pressures that enforced migration brings to the host country could also be modelled, both through the direct demand it places on services and the knock-on effect of how these impact on the existing population.