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With his father imprisoned for debt, the family join him in jail, with the exception of Charles who continues to work in the boot blacking factory while being forced to live in lodgings.
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10 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Before the clip, children can study the area of a debtors prison and the implications of being taken there. Watch the clip to 1 minute 36 seconds and encourage the children to write a descriptive piece of the conditions and surroundings of the cell. Encourage use of powerful verbs to relay the sense of doom that Charles' father is feeling. Continue to watch the clip and use hot seating to find out how Charles is feeling once he discovers he is to live apart from the rest of the family. The teacher could act as Charles and children can think of suitable questions. Can be used as source material for auto/biographical writing, focusing upon an episode in the childhood of Dickens; either as a standalone paragraph or part of a longer piece using other episodes.