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A continuation of Act 4 Scene 3 from 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller. Elizabeth is sent to persuade John to confess and he admits he is considering confessing. He asks Elizabeth if she will respect him if he does. Elizabeth states it is his decision and she tells him she has forgiven him for the affair. Elizabeth realises she bears part of the blame for the affair because she has been a cold, suspicious wife in response to her own insecurities. Elizabeth realises she cannot blame Proctor entirely for the affair. Her insecurity prevented her from trusting Proctor and her lack of emotion created distance between them. When Elizabeth tells Proctor of her feelings, he sees Elizabeth no longer condemns him. He can believe her when she tells him she has forgiven him. As a result, they manage to put the affair in the past and move on to consider the future. They recognise they love each other.
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28 January 2003

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as a stimulus to explore from play script to screenplay. Students could watch this clip with a director's eye. What could they say about the positioning of the characters? How might they direct this scene? It might be possible to find both (Miller wrote both) and to compare the extracts.