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Zhao Zhenhui lives on a little island in the Li River. If they need to go anywhere, the inhabitants must use a boat to cross the river onto the mainland - even school requires a boat journey every day. He spends all his free time with his friend. They show us the beautiful karst peaks and life on the banks of the Li River. Despite the fog, common at this time of year, we can see the busy river traffic framed by the spectacular peaks. The 20-Yuan note depicts the view in his locality and he excitedly shows us the 'real life' view. His mother works hard selling fruit to tourists and workers. She grows her own citrus fruit, including oranges and pomelo, and she teaches the boys how to take care of the citrus trees so that they yield the best fruit.
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30 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children could consider the similarities and differences between their own town and the remote mountain village of Xingping, China, by presenting this information in a Venn diagram. Using the clip as a stimulus, the children could complete further research on the Li River and Xingping and subsequently write a report about the settlements, methods of transport, self sustainable lifestyle and the influence of tourism shown in the clip. The children could write a 'Day in the Life' diary of the young boy presenting the film, Zhao Zhenhui, whilst at home, at school and travelling between the two. This report or diary could be accompanied by a glossary explaining the key vocabulary. The children can design their own poster or brochure advertising 'Xingping' using persuasive language.

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