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We meet Alexandra, a triplet, who, unlike her other two sisters, has Down's syndrome. We see how Alexandra's sisters, Eleanor and Felicia, play a big part in her life, helping her with everyday things such as dressing and being around whenever she needs them. Her sisters talk about the things that Alexandra likes and dislikes. Alexandra enjoys the same activities as her sisters such as Brownies, swimming and gymnastics, but she also attends an education group without her sisters to help her learning.
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29 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, the children could have a discussion about Down's syndrome and the ways in which it affects a person's life. It may also be used as a prompt to discuss how we view people with a disability such as Down's syndrome. Considering the unique qualities of the three girls could also encourage the children to appreciate the similarities and differences between the triplets; leading on to further discussions about how we develop our own sense of individuality. This clip could also be used to illustrate how living with a disability affects not only the individual, but also the person's family and friends. In addition to this, the clip could also be used to highlight the positive influences and experiences living with a person with a disability can bring.