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A quiz introducing three famous German-speaking personalities: Michael Schumacher, Einstein and Beethoven.
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9 March 2007

Classroom Ideas

Initially the class could guess the identity of the personality, pausing the sequence before each name is revealed. The class could then be divided into three groups and pupils asked to work out the exact details about each personality, reporting back what is said in English.

They could then pair up key phrases from the programme with the English meanings jumbled up. For example: ‘He was born in Germany’ – ‘er wurde in Deutschland geboren’; ‘He is one of the best racing drivers in the world’ – ‘er ist einer der besten Rennfahrer der Welt’; ‘He was very interested in Maths’ – ‘er war sehr an Mathematik interessiert’; ‘He was a brilliant composer and piano player’ – ‘er war ein brillianter Komponist und Klavierspieler’; ‘When he was 30, he became deaf’ – ‘als er 30 war, wurde er taub’; ‘One of his piano sonatas is called 'Moonlight Sonata'’ – ‘eine seiner Klaviersonaten heißt Mondlichtsonata’.

The class could then research another famous German and write a fourth quiz question.

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