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Jim Doyle at WET Design in Los Angeles explains how their new Volcano fountain at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas uses innovative design to combine fire and water in a stunning display with music. The engineers at WET designing these new urban features think of themselves as artists. In the lab, Jennifer Munsell, a Product Engineer recently out of college, tells us how she became an engineer after a childhood spent trying to fix broken appliances. She explains why she loves her job.
First broadcast:
11 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to demonstrate a practical application of engineering or to introduce the importance of protecting design ideas. The class could discuss what the design specification would be for the group of fire shooters in the volcano fountain, justifying each of the design needs. This could include that they should be water-resistant, can move to emerge from under water, non-flammable, the type of mechanism used and how they are controlled. They could then generate ideas for alternative systems that would meet the needs of the specification. Students could also research how engineers can protect their ideas and technologies from being used by other companies.