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The Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin talks about how to get ahead in cooking. This seemingly glamorous industry demands passion and dedication.

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to support the information, advice and guidance given by Design and Technology teachers about career options in the food industry.

Alongside the clip learners might be presented with a number of pathways into careers, at a range of levels and in different aspects of the food industry, including working in restaurants and in food manufacture and production. These pathways should include a range of education and training options, qualifications and experience, from early careers to management.

As an activity prior to watching the clip, learners might be asked to respond to a number of job descriptions, identifying possible pathways into the career and what the job might involve. Following the clip, the teacher might prompt learners to reflect on how their perceptions may have altered, through the use of prompt questions, referring to the examples of pathways described above.