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Three stallholders at a craft market show some of the things they make. The potter demonstrates how he hand turns cups, bowls and plates, and a group of visiting children have a go for themselves. A glass artist completes a painted design inspired by nature, and a puppet maker explains how to make a simple and striking ‘monster’ puppet from a sock.
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15 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Pottery techniques allow for lots of experimentation, with the option to reform clay and erase mistakes, as well as beginning the piece of work again instantly. Children could be provided with clay, boards and basic clay tools as a way of familiarising themselves with the medium in the first instance. Glass painting requires glass paints and brushes and a surface to paint on which could be drinking glasses, a window or framed piece of glass for display. Applied like ordinary paint, it will produce colourful translucent results in any chosen design. Sock monster puppets require basic materials and simple sewing materials (which the children could provide themselves), to create simple but effective fun sock puppets. Embellishments such as buttons, sequins or beads could be added for greater effect.