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A look at the nature of a shanty town - its buildings, facilities and lifestyle. The report discusses how these areas can be improved through self-help schemes and local government assistance and shows how the improvement of housing and provision of services such as water supply, sewage and electricity all lead to stability and the creation of an established community in comfortable housing.
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18 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Can be used as an introduction to self help schemes and development of a shanty town. Alternatively a student could pick a character(s) from the clip, and identify key emotions they may be having when they see this change - both positive and negative. These emotional words could be put on pieces of paper or card and then grouped with others to see if there are common emotions. The notes could also be put in a diamond shape to ascertain which was the most important emotion to the least important. Students could be set a task to narrate the clip - write a story line, this could include developing a storyboard with a few of the images from the clip sketched with appropriate narration.

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