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Kaye Adams discusses the use of Scots in a broadcasting context. She comments that she tries hard to include Scots words in her broadcasts. Kaye focuses on how Scots words add to the mix and notes that most people enjoy playing with language.She laments the fact that she seldom gets an opportunity to speak in Scots. Kaye confesses that she has worried that Scots words may not be seen to be ‘professional’ enough. Her favourite words are 'wheesht' and 'blether'. Kaye believes that the sounds of some Scots words are very descriptive. Words like 'eejit', bampot', 'clype' and 'tumshie' add much to the language.
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20 June 2011

Classroom Ideas

Can be used as a general example when studying formal and informal register or when studying public attitudes to different registers.
Can also be used as a starting point when studying idiolect. Students could watch and discuss the clip focusing on how context and audience can influence aspects of language use. Students reflect on whether attitudes to formal speech are changing.