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An explanation of the causes of coastal erosion and the development of coastal erosion landforms. The rate of coastal erosion varies due to factors such as the make-up of the cliffs and the strength of the waves. Coastal erosion leads to the formation of cliffs, headlands, caves, arches, stacks and stumps. Erosion is a problem where homes are close to the cliff edge, for example at Haisborough in Norfolk. Sea defences can be used to protect these areas.
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20 February 2008

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to discuss the advantages and costs of managing a coastline - using the clip as a trigger to further discussion. Can be used to allow students to reflect on different landscapes. The clip can be paused and students can draw a brief sketch and then work with a partner to annotate what is happening and why. Sequencing the events through storyboarding, or using modelling clay could be done - using the titles 'what happened to my cave?' Or 'what happens next?'

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