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Two English students are given the challenge of phoning the butcher in Dresden to find out about sausages there. They are only allowed to speak German. The girl doesn't want to phone so the boy does and speaks to the cleaner, who doesn't understand him. The cleaner tells him to come to the shop at 11 o'clock. At the shop the butcher describes typical sausage from Dresden and the two students take photos. After their visit they take their film to be developed. The girl gives her name and when they get the photos back they are the wrong ones. The students have to go back and describe the photos to the woman behind the counter.
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2 March 1999

Classroom Ideas

Can be used as a listening task about local areas, ideally with gap-fill or multiple-choice questions. Contains three units of transactional language: making arrangements by phone, visiting a butchers and getting photos developed. Could be used as a model for a piece of writing or speaking about a shopping trip to a town or city.

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