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Alan Davies uses clips from a 1997 production of 'Henry V' to portray what life was like for the audience watching Shakespeare's plays at the Globe in Elizabethan times. Davies focuses on the humorous nature of the plays, the lack of alternative entertainment available and the appeal of the 'public play houses', otherwise known today as theatres. Davies also explores the question 'so why was the Globe so popular?' and uses many contextual references in answer to the question. He briefly discusses the introduction of new words and phrases to the English language towards the end.
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9 May 2008

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as part of an introduction to the study of any Shakespeare text. As part of an explanation of context, students could consider the ideas discussed, in particular the explanation of the choices Shakespeare made regarding plot lines and language change. Notice how the contextual information is given clarification through specific examples and rationales for choices made.

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