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Street Dance crew The Minions perform on Alesha's Street Dance Stars on CBBC. The performance incorporates many street dance styles including popping and locking but focuses mainly on break dance. The group impress the audience with their high energy dance moves performing head spins, freezes, down rock, footwork, windmills and adding a touch of gymnastics to give that wow factor to their performance. The sequence starts with a group formation of 4 plus one 'star solo' and ends with effective unison work.
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11 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

This can be used as a stimulus or reference when discussing performance and how to evaluate it. Teachers can use the clip to show different actions, space, dynamics and relationships (eg unison) within a dance piece. They could ask groups to look at the performance and identify changes in levels, use of space, change in directions, costumes and music.

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