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Tony Morris hosts a talk show examining some ethical questions about sex. Gail, the studio guest, explains to the audience why she believes casual sex is acceptable. Tony then introduces Gary, Gail's last 'one night stand. Gary admits that he is married and that he and his wife have an 'open marriage.' The young audience responds with a variety of religious and non-religious perspectives.
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19 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Before showing the clip, ask students to indicate on a scale of 1 – 10 their response to the following two statements:

i) If a married couple agree to an 'open marriage' then no harm is done;
ii) There is no point in getting married if you can't be faithful'.

To ensure anonymity, students should respond to each question privately on a piece of paper. They could then swap their piece of paper five or six times in the class, and represent the views expressed on the paper they end up with (i.e. not their own).

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