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Liz Lochead reads her poem 'Kidspoem/ Bairnsang' - a poem written in both Scottish and English dialect. The first section of the poem is in Scottish dialect and the second section in standard English over a monochrome backdrop of an old school and children at play. The poem ends with a coda about the assumption that writing poems assume that poets are '...posh, grown up, male, English and dead.'
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First broadcast:
25 January 1994

Classroom Ideas

Play the first half of the clip (the section with Scottish dialect) and then pause and ask children to use the background footage and what they have heard to discuss the theme of the poem and words that they do or do not recognise. Play the rest of the poem (in standard English) and discuss how accurate they were. Talk about dialects, including the children's own, and standard English and the conventions of written standard English.