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The impact of the Depression on Germany in 1930 is outlined and illustrated with film footage of the time. The major parties competing for votes in the elections of this period are listed. Fritz Muehlebach describes what attracted him to the Nazis and the SA in particular. There is a brief montage of clips and a short description of tactics and messages used by the Nazis to attract voters. The clip finishes with a reading from 'Mein Kampf' and an outline of the ideas of Hitler about the impact of defeat in the First World War.
This clip is from:
History, Nazi Germany
First broadcast:
10 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

After viewing the clip, students could brainstorm some of the reasons people supported the Nazis. The clip could also be used to provide evidence for why different classes of people supported the Nazis: working class, middle class, big business and the political elite.