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A short animation featuring the enormous Predator X. We see the fossilised skull of Predator X compared to that of the T-Rex. Predator X is shown with its gaping jaws in the ocean before it is put on the weighing scales and balanced with five double decker buses.
This clip is from:
Planet Dinosaur
First broadcast:
8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This could be used to write an adventure story based on the idea of a school trip gone wrong. The class think they are going to visit a shark tank but when they arrive there is something much bigger lurking at the bottom and it's trying to get out. Watch the clip and encourage children to make notes about Predator X. They can then use this information to write the adventure story following a story mountain plan. Children could also write presentational links like the ones that are used to introduce the content of a television show before the opening titles roll. Scenes could be paused and children could collate lists of powerful vocabulary to describe the scene. The paused screen/ event can be described in a short paragraph to develop setting, sentence structure and vocabulary. Children can place themselves in the scene and write in the first person from the perspective of the subject, describing its emotions and its awareness of surroundings.