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The presenter opens a magic cupboard door on to a family tea time to introduce the words 'beans', 'cream', 'steam' and 'tea'.
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19 January 1999

Classroom Ideas

Challenge pupils to raise their hands and name any 'ea' word they spot as the clip plays out. Can they spot an item before the caption appears onscreen? Pause the clip at each suggestion. Write any correctly observed words on the board, emphasising the long 'ea' vowel as you do so. After viewing, ask pupils to think of more 'ea' words to add to the list. They might suggest: meat, peas, leaves, seat, sea, dream, team, meal, leap, please, clean or beach. When you have a long list, perform a mime that illustrates one of the words: drinking tea, for instance. The children could then take turns miming words from the list for their friends to guess..

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