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Many people in China prefer to use 'natural' ways of healing rather than pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Dr Hao works at a hospital in Beijing where both conventional and traditional medicine is practiced. He explains how medicines made from minerals, plant and animals are used to treat illness rather than symptoms and help restore the flow of 'chi'. Chinese medicines are often much cheaper than their Western pharmaceutical counterparts. Dr Hao also believes his treatments are less disruptive to people's lives than Western treatments.
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22 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to lead into discussion on health care in China and to compare and contrast health care in the UK and China. Possible areas for discussion include - differences and similarities in the medical system in China and this country; possible health inequalities which may exist in China due to health care provision. Dr Hao prescribes natural medicines. Where do they come from and are such medicines prescribed in this country? The hospital works on a first-come, first-served basis, do you think this is fair? Would this system work in this country? Unlike this country, where the majority of our health treatment is free, in communist China is it strange to find that the Chinese pay for their treatment? Do you think this is fair? Do you feel their form of medical treatment is better or worst than ours?