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A song introduces us to the different parts of the body and demonstrates how to say where something hurts. Some children go for a run and tell us it's good for their health.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used with the topic of health. A class could watch the entire clip once through, then, on the second viewing begin by filling in the gaps of the first verse of the song. In the second part of the clip and the game in the box, the class might listen out for the parts of the body mentioned, using the tick list; sa tête, son cou, ses bras, sa poitrine, son ventre, ses jambs, ses pieds. Once the body parts are identified and the class is sure why “son, sa and ses” are used, they could find out in pairs how you would say, “his wrist”, “his ankle”, “his toes”, “his heart” and “his toe nail”. Once the use of “son, sa, ses” is established, direct the class to change these possessive pronouns to “à la, au and aux” respectively and, returning to the song, ask how you might say, “my ankle hurts”etc. In pairs again, pupils could act out various ailments, guessing how to say the ailment in French. A final task might be to change the chorus line of the song into new ailments, fitting with the gender and rhythm of the song.

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