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These 'launchpad' pieces are based around a fairground. Considers economics of rides and stalls, probability and expected values, forces and motion, and efficient use of space. The compilation includes a time-lapse of the vehicles arriving and positioning the large stalls and spaces in a fairground. A helter skelter is seen being assembled and there is footage of the 'Booster' ride, which has two cars on the ends of two vertically rotating arms. Includes a look at a sweet stall at the fairground and time-lapse footage of a rotating, multi-arm ride.
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5 November 2008

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to introduce or support a variety of mathematical areas and a great differentiated activity around nets, constructing 3-D solids and areas and circumference of circles. This could lead onto activities around averages linked to setting up funfair stalls. Costings and profit and loss activities could easily follow on from this clip, looking at the economics of running a fair ground.