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Joseph is the curator of 'La Maison des Esclaves, Musée de la Liberte', a museum of slavery near Dakar in Senegal. More than 30,000 tourists visit the museum every year and we join Joseph on a guided tour as he explains the history of the slave trade in Senegal. We hear about the separation of families, loss of identity and see 'La porte du voyage sans retour'. Joseph sums up the view of his compatriots with his comment: 'Nous pardonerons mais nous n'oublierons jamais'.
The French Experience
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The French Experience
First broadcast:
11 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to extend cultural awareness of French speaking countries. The clip could form part of a listening comprehension; pupils could be given a set of questions before watching the clip which they have to find the information for.