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The headteacher of a school in Uganda takes drastic action to ensure her school can afford to stay open. The inequality in education across the world and the issues facing teachers and pupils in less economically developed countries is highlighted.
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26 April 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful for discussion on human rights, particularly the right to education. It could be used to highlight the differences in culture and education across the world and to stimulate discussion on inequality within African schools and society. Which students are more likely to be educated? What impact could the lack of funds have on learning and teaching? What impact might this financial situation have on the teachers? What would be the long-term impact for the Ugandan economy?
Following the clip, students could be asked to research and compare education in African countries with Scotland. They could create a pair of parallel slide shows or videos that compare how the life of a child in each country differs from birth, through what education they receive, into adulthood.