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Dramatisation of a section from Malorie Blackman's story 'Hacker'. Victoria, the main character, is caught looking at something on a computer by Sebastian. Victoria is shocked to be caught and Sebastian is clearly not pleased to see her. The atmosphere is disturbed by the doorbell ringing. There is a struggle as he tries to stop her escaping. Another lady distracts Victoria's brother, who has been looking for her and is at the door. Her brother is sent away while Victoria continues to struggle to escape upstairs.
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11 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to investigate how language and sentence structure are used to build suspense. Stop the clip at 20 seconds and discuss the use of language and music to build suspense. Stop the clip again at 30 seconds and discuss what may be making the girl seem so worried. Using pre-prepared sentence starters ask the children to sort them into those that build suspense and those that don't. Each child could choose a sentence starter and write the next sentence to describe how the girl is feeling. Watch the rest of the clip and using extracts of speech from the clip, discuss how the author has used the narration from the girl to tell the story. This clip contains some scenes which may be scary for younger children.