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Mark Speight explores the different designs, purposes and significance of African masks that come from different parts of the African continent. The clip examines the ways in which different types of African masks have particular spiritual, historical or traditional significance in African life according to their creators and places of origin. It also looks at a variety of African masks still used today.
Primary Class Clips
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Primary Class Clips, African Art
First broadcast:
20 November 2009

Classroom Ideas

Within a topic on masks or Africa, this clip could stimulate discussion on the sacred role of African masks and how the wearer transcends themselves to become a spiritual agent for the community. Using the clip as a stimulus, children could be set the task of designing their own spiritual mask either using the aesthetics of African masks or by designing a mask suitable for modern spiritual purposes. Children would need to explain how their design could be used for spiritual purposes and what the ritual surrounding the mask might be.

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