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Reverend Peter Owen-Jones visits Muslims in Palestine, asking the question, 'what drives people to kill for their religion?' He visits a refugee camp and meets Samir, a Sunni Muslim, who worships at the mosque. He then explores the common roots of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Samir, whose daughter was a suicide bomber, gives his opinion that the conflict in Palestine is not a religious conflict but one about land.
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16 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful as a stimulating starter to investigate inter-faith dialogue between Muslim and Jewish youth. Students should take notes on the view of the cause of the ongoing conflict and how it could be solved. The class could start a dialogue by focusing on the Reverend Peter Owen-Jones question in the interview (that the God of Muslims and Jews is a loving God and they are peaceful religions). Students could then research one of the many inter-faith dialogue groups. They could present their findings as a TV script for a programme on improving the conflict in Palestine. Older students could evaluate the arguments from both sides and consider the extent to which this is a religious conflict or a political one.

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