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Using a rehearsal game, the actors discover key points in Cassius’s speech about Caesar and the future of Rome. They relate these to Cassius’s strategy for winning Brutus over to the conspirators.

MARCUS BRUTUS - Paterson Joseph
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR - Gbolahan Obisesan
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7 September 2012

Classroom Ideas

Look closely at the section where Cassius compares Brutus with Caesar, and compare it to the balcony scene from 'Romeo and Juliet' (Act 2 Scene 2) where Juliet debates the nature of a name. How are these two passages similar, and how are they different? How much of this difference is focused on the fact that Juliet thinks she is alone, while Cassius is deliberately trying to persuade Brutus? Ask students, in pairs, to play the post-it game for themselves, starting to explain the game and pausing it at the point where the actors start. Once they have finished, get them to watch and see how far their predictions agree with the choices of Cyril Nri.

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