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Like other newsreaders, Catriona Shearer is careful to use English during broadcasts. She compares this with the history of the Scots language. In the 16th Century, Scots was spoken in the Parliament and most official documents were in Scots. Now Scots is often just seen in poetry. Since Devolution, Scots is increasingly being heard.We see Liz Lochhead reading a poem by Edwin Morgan at the opening of the Scots Parliament in 2000. The original news report in English is contrasted with a Scots language version.
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20 June 2011

Classroom Ideas

Can be used as a general example when studying language and identity or as an example when studying public attitudes to different accents and dialects. Can be used as a starting point when studying idiolect. Students could watch and discuss the clip focusing on how issues of identity can influence aspects of language use. Students can reflect on whether attitudes to accent and dialect are changing

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