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A song about a train that has a cold, including actions for each part of the song.

"Once there was a Choo Choo who had a cold so instead of saying 'choo choo' he said 'A-choo!'"

Appropriate actions are given for each part of the song.
This clip is from:
Watch, The Song Catcher - Choo Choo
First broadcast:
18 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as a warm up or ice-breaker activity for younger children. Invite the children to sing along with the clip and join in with the movements describing a train with a cold. You could ask the children to think of other noises we make when we have a cold such as coughing or sniffing and perhaps build it into the song. Do they know any other songs about trains? Perhaps first play the clip with the sound turned down. Can the children guess what the song might be about just by reading the actions of the singers? Or you could just play the song and invite the children to come up with their own movements.

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