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Kate Fleetwood performs Lady Macbeth's famous lines - 'Out damned spot' from Act 5 Scene 1 of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' in the BBC Four film version of director Rupert Goold's highly acclaimed production.
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12 December 2010

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip look at the scene with students and discuss the meaning of it. Ask them to annotate the text with the emotions that they think Lady Macbeth is feeling. Watch the clip. Discuss how it helps their understanding of her mental state and ask them to change, or add emotions they might have missed. Discuss body language, facial expression and eye contact - who is Lady Macbeth speaking to? Ask students to create their own versions of this scene showing a range of emotions that may be different from the clip . For example, they could explore having several Lady Macbeths (three perhaps - like the weird sisters). Consider the positioning and purpose of the other two characters and how to play them so that they have a function, but don't distract from the scene. Perform these with feedback focussing on interpretation.