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In 570 AD a boy was born to a trading family in the city of Mecca, his grandfather named him Muhammad, ‘The Praised One’. Muhammad was 6-years-old when both his parents died and he was raised first by his grandfather and then by his uncle.

As he grew up, Muhammad was given many titles, amongst them the name ‘al Amin’, meaning ‘the trustworthy one’. One story that shows why he earned this reputation was for destroying the idols of the Kaaba.
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1 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful to support the knowledge, skills and understanding of various faiths including Islam and for a more detailed breadth of study of Islam. It could be used to start a discussion about what qualities Muhammad had and why he decided to go on a pilgrimage. Students could consider what they would do in the same situation and write about it.

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